How We Take the Stress out of Strategic Gifting

How it Began
I started Belle Box Co during the pandemic as a way to show up for my existing relationships since everyone was isolated. I would curate gifts for my friends, family, and co-workers to try to keep everyone’s level of joy and hope alive. I have a background in merchandising and put a lot of effort into the presentation of the gifts I was giving and making them look beautiful and elevated. I loved the element of surprise and how excited people got when they saw a gift that was tailored to them. It was a way for me to share my expertise on curating assortments and brand discovery while experiencing the joy of giving back during the uncertain times of the pandemic. 

I began getting requests for bigger bulk orders, and I realized this is what people needed and wanted; help with keeping and strengthening their connections. I took time to develop my branding and messaging and knew I especially wanted to keep the level of customer service high. I left my full-time job in June 2021 and felt energized and excited when I launched Belle Box Co officially in October 2021.

What is our process?
At Belle Box Co, we believe that having a gifting strategy is an essential part of being a business owner. Instead of an expense, it should be seen as an investment in improving your client and referral relationships. 

The process works well when Belle Box Co is seen as a partner or extension of a business’s management team. Our ongoing partnership can help by taking the time to focus on the small details and understanding how the delivery matters just as much as the gift itself. While an executive assistant or secretary can purchase gifts, it may be at the expense of another task, or not executed as effectively. Our gifting services allow your employees to work on more company tasks and save time on their behalf to focus on other things. 

Belle Box Co knows all the secrets of how to create a gifting strategy that aligns with your goals! One of our tips is that it’s important to think about gifting off holiday, which is going to make your business stand out more. Often, gifting in January will make a more memorable impression than gifting during Q4, because that’s when the gift will come more unexpectedly.

If you always have a company kickoff in the Spring and Fall, how can we make each one different for your employees? Yes, it’s important to wear your brand logo and support company culture, but how can we tie your gift boxes back to your business’s local roots? Our team can help find a balance in gifting products with your logo, while also providing products from local businesses to help your employees feel at home. 

Our first step is to schedule a gift consultation call to discuss products you may want in your boxes, what your goals are, and we’ll get to know your company and clients. We want to learn your vision and bring it to life by taking the time to understand your brand values. The more we understand your gifting objectives and company culture, the better we can help reach your goals!

After hearing your goals, we’ll develop a concept that’s exclusive to you and your business, including mockups of your branding or logo on different products. You’ll receive options that fit within your budget and timeline, expected shipping costs, as well as beautiful presentation details, including gift tags, ribbons, embellishments, personalization, and branding upgrade options. We’ll make sure to include products that align with your values and will make your clients feel warm and appreciated.

Once you make your selection, we’ll handle the production and execution of your custom gifts! You’ll have your own online gifting portal, and we’ll communicate via email after our consultation call. We partner with several trusted vendors, many of those who offer sustainable, local, and fair trade products, or products that give back to the community. These partnerships help us elevate your gift boxes and bring your unique vision to life.

The process is easy for business owners and you’ll have beautifully curated gifts ready to ship in 6-8 weeks. Our team packages all gifts by hand and ensures they are perfectly presented. Imagine your gifts delivered looking like elegant pieces of art! We offer shipping or local bulk drop-off for a stress-free and timely delivery, and our team is happy to work with event planners or on-site staff. 

Belle Box Co takes time to help develop your gifting strategy, a unique contribution to your team. We offer high quality project management and customer service, ensuring your gifts arrive on time, are flawlessly presented, and help create the ideal gifting strategy for your business. This is the best way to show up for your clients and employees in a meaningful way while creating long-lasting impressions and positive experiences. Let us help you streamline your gift-giving services and deepen your corporate connections!

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