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At Belle Box Co., we understand that your life is full. Between school drop offs, meetings and weekend brunches there are once in a lifetime and everyday moments to celebrate, and we want to help you show up in the best possible way for each and every one.

We’re a family-owned and operated company inspired by timeless traditions and human connection. In today’s digital (and often remote) world, we’ve all been eager to create connection #IRL, but it can be challenging to find an authentic, unique and personalized gifting experience that nurtures deep-rooted relationships and creates lasting memories.

When customers collaborate with Belle Box Co., they become a part of our family. We’re committed to delivering a seamless and elevated gifting experience for you and your loved ones using high-quality items and jaw-dropping presentation. 

Because for us, exceptional customer service isn't just something we do - it's who we are and we’re honored to be a part of the important moments in your life.

Welcome to the family!


Chief Everything Officer


Chief Number Cruncher


Chief Creative Officer


Chief Everything Officer & Founder

I’ve always had a passion for discovering unique brands with impactful stories, something I did frequently as a Senior Merchant for a Fortune 100 retail company. My corporate career helped hone my ability to find elevated and thoughtful products that create a lasting impression. But, while managing a corporate career and family life with three small children, I was struggling to stay connected to important people in my life in an authentic way. In a world where we can be instantly “connected” online, I was feeling some major disconnect.

That feeling came up constantly, leaving me wondering how I could thoughtfully celebrate the milestones of my loved ones like a new job, new baby, new home or an engagement - my life was so busy that I didn’t always have the time (or bandwidth) to send meaningful, unique gifts to celebrate these special occasions. 

Like many entrepreneurs, necessity helped start my business. After searching for gifting options that made me feel happy to share and created authentic connection… I came up empty-handed. I started to create gift boxes for a variety of big milestone moments in our lives and realized this is what I am needed for: to help and encourage people to develop a deeper connection through speciality gifts that feel personal and create lasting memories. 

I continued to expand my gift curation into self-care gifts, bridal party boxes, corporate gifts, birthday boxes and more. While I love the creative expression of designing a gift box that is unique, elegant and beautifully presented, my mission in starting Belle Box Co. was to create connection. 

I can’t wait to help you connect with the important people in your life.


Chief Number Cruncher

Even as a busy working mom, I always knew the importance of prioritizing family time. While working, my husband and I raised three children and brought them up to have a deep respect for the family values and traditions that my parents instilled in me. 

While my corporate experience has included analyst positions and accounting roles, my family likes to tell me that I have an eye for design. From my many bathroom and kitchen rehabs, to elaborate Christmas mantles and holiday tablescapes - I truly love creating warm and inviting experiences for my family to gather around. It’s been such an honor to see my two daughters, Jen and Michelle, build Belle Box Co. to help other families come together and celebrate.

Family is the most important thing to me and I’m happiest with my husband of over forty years, three children and six grandchildren. Our family values are grounded in connection and building strong relationships, and I feel truly grateful to be working alongside my two daughters at Belle Box Co. to help you celebrate the important moments in your life.


Chief Creative Officer

I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and I absolutely love it. I was lucky enough to find a professional path that doesn’t feel like “just a job”, it feels like a representation of who I am. Nursing is a beautiful profession because it’s grounded in taking care of people and getting to know them, and that intention of creating care and connection with people is what I bring to my role as Chief Creative Officer at Belle Box Co. 

I was raised in a family that valued traditions and thoughtful gestures. Some of my favorite family traditions were Christmas Eve nights spent at my Grandparents home, delicious lasagnas at Thanksgiving and handmade gifting. Being a part of these traditions instilled in me a strong sense of appreciation for building relationships and the impact a thoughtful gift can have on creating meaningful memories.

Creativity and crafting has always been a part of who I am and I love to create and share unique gifts with the people around me. I believe there’s beauty in the craft, but the true magic is in the connection a thoughtful and beautiful gift can create between two people. Creating that magic is what inspires me at Belle Box Co., and I can’t wait to see how our curated and custom gifts foster connection and care in your life.


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