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Order Requirement: $3000 or 30 Gifts
Immersive Bespoke Gift Selection
Superior Customer Service Start to Finish

Welcome to a truly unique and immersive gift design experience. We’ll work closely with your brand to help you not just give a gift, but create a memory for the most important people that touch your company.

The Details


When creating a custom gift for an event, please reach out ASAP. Our standard gifting design timeline allows for 5 - 7 weeks from inquiry to shipment/delivery.


Given the nature of our curated and artisan gift selection, we have a $3000 or 30 gift minimum for custom gift design.

How Custom Gift Design Works

1. Vision
Creating a custom gift is sharing an extension of yourself and your company. We care deeply about bringing your vision to life and take the time to immerse ourselves in your brand energy and culture. Once you complete a simple questionnaire, we schedule a time to discuss your needs.

2. Sourcing
We work with trusted vendors and suppliers to source elevated products for a cohesive look that brings your unique gifting vision to life.

3. Presentation
Not only will you receive a customized proposal with different options to choose from inside your budget, timeline, and vision, but you'll also see presentation details like gift tags, ribbon, embellishments, custom company or monogrammed artwork, etc. Once you are completely thrilled with your brand’s gift design, we begin assembly!

4. Assembly
Our team scrupulously packages all gifts by hand until they’re perfectly polished. Your gifts will arrive like curated pieces of art.

5. Delivery
We coordinate timely delivery of your gifts through shipping or local drop-off. For a seamless (and stress-free) delivery, we're happy to coordinate with event planners or on-site staff. Shipping costs are always included in your proposal, so you can rest easy when delivering gifts to clients or loved ones.