Three Reasons Why Having a Client Offboarding Strategy is Important

While creating a client onboarding process is often at the forefront of our minds, it’s easy to forget about having a designated offboarding strategy. How you close a client relationship is actually just as important as how you enter it! Providing your client with a thoughtful offboarding experience is a great way to bring your project to an official close while reaffirming a positive impression of you and your business. Keep reading for three reasons why having a client offboarding strategy is important!


1. It brings your client experience full circle 

Offboarding ensures your clients not only receive great services at your company, but also a great customer experience. You’ll be able to finish the project in a way where both you and your client get closure, and you can add some personalized touches to end the relationship on a high note. Even something as simple as a handwritten card can go a long way in making your client feel special. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a relationship has simply fizzled out with no real goodbye! An offboarding gift allows the experience to naturally come to a conclusion and your client may be more inclined to recommend your services in the future. It preserves your client’s positive experience and thanks them for their business, creating a strong reputation and brand image for your company.


2. It makes a memorable and lasting impression

Having an offboarding strategy ends your client experience optimistically and creates a connection they’ll remember. If your client remembers getting a thoughtful offboarding gift, they’ll be more likely to give you a referral and bring your company more business in the future. Where many companies focus on having an onboarding strategy (which is also important), offboarding may be more memorable because it will be fresh in your client’s mind when someone asks them for a recommendation. Studies show that clients will even be more likely to return to your services in the future, with 77% reporting they’ve maintained strong relationships with brands they’ve had a positive experience with for more than 10 years. 


3. It’s an opportunity to receive valuable feedback and new potential clients

Offboarding is a great time to ask for testimonials and referrals. Asking for constructive feedback can be part of your offboarding process, helping you spot any holes in your services or receive great content to use as a testimonial. It can be hard to evaluate your own work, so hearing what other people think will help you understand how you can improve, as well as give other potential clients a positive affirmation of your services. As for referrals, there is no better way to gain clients than to have a happy customer excited to praise your services to someone else. In fact, 83% of customers refer companies they’re loyal to! A thoughtful offboarding gift will stand out, and when someone needs a recommendation for your services, you’ll be at the forefront of your former client’s mind.

Putting your clients at the heart of your business will help build your reputation and reliability. The more word-of-mouth marketing you can encourage, the better! A strong offboarding strategy will do just that, proving you can provide not only a great service but a high-quality, personalized customer experience. 

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